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SSAW Steel Pipe (Double Submerged Arc Spiral Steel Pipe)

SSAW Steel Pipe

Manufacturing Technique of Double Submerged Arc Spiral Steel Pipe:
1. Strip steel, welding wire and welding flux are the raw materials which are passed a strict physical and chemical inspection before using.
2. By using single or double submerged-arc welding, and with a butt joint between the head and trail in each strip steels, the welded pipe taking an automatic submerged repairing welding.
3. Before the molding, we should flattened the strip steel, cut the edge, shave the edge, transport the cleaning surface and deal with the bending edge.
4.To make sure the steady transport, we adopt the electro connecting pressure gauge to control the pressure of the oil-cylinder which is under the conveyor.    
5.The internal and external roller molding is adopted. 
6. We use the weld joint space control device to guarantee the weld joint space. The pipe diameter, the unfitness of butt joint and the weld joint space are all controlled strictly.
7. The internal and external welds are all applied the American Lincoln electric welding machine. By conducting the single or double submerged-arc welding, we can achieve the steady welding norm.  
8. In order to make sure the 100% nondestructive testing coverage of spiral weld joint, it will be inspected by the online automatic ultrasonic instrument in a row. Thanks to the inspection, the productive worker will adjust the technological parameter timely if there is any defectiveness.
9. SSAW steel pipe is cut into single steel pipe by using the air plasma cutting machine.
10. Each double submerged arc spiral steel pipeshould be inspected strictly after being cut into single. By examining the mechanical property, chemical constitution, salvation condition, surface quality and nondestructive inspection, we can assure the eligibility of the process before the formal production.
11. The marked part on the weld joint which is found by the successive sonic flaw detection should be reexamined by the manually operated ultrasonic and X-ray. The defective one should be repaired and go thorough the nondestructive test until the defect is .removed.
12. The pipes of T-shaped joint between strip steel butt welded seam and spiral weld joint are all examined by the X-ray television or the screening. 
13. Applying the radial seal, each steel pipe should accept the hydrostatic pressure test. The test pressure and duration are all strictly controlled by the detecting device of the hydraulic pressure. And the experiment parameter is printed records automatically.    
14. By carrying out the machining operation of the pipe end, we control the verticality of the end face, the angle of the groove, and the truncated edge accurately.
SSAW steel pipe (double submerged arc spiral steel pipe) is mainly used for tap water project, petrochemical industry, chemical industry, power industry, farming irrigation, urban construction. With liquid transport, it can be used in water supply, water drainage, the project of sewage treatment, soil transportation, and ocean water transport. With gas delivery, it can be applied in the gas, steam, and liquefied petroleum gas. For structural use, it can be applied in piling driving, bridge construction, wharf, road, building structure, marine piling, etc.

Main Component of SSAW Steel Pipe:
The raw material is strip steel. By using single or double submerged-arc welding, and with a butt joint between the head and trail in each strip steels, the welded pipe taking an automatic submerged repairing welding.

Feature of SSAW Steel Pipe:
With strong loading capacity, good plastic property, and easy to be welded and shaping, the double submerged arc spiral steel pipe of pressure-bearing fluid transportation is mainly applied in the transport of petroleum and natural gas.

1.The SSAW steel pipe is applied in accordance with the customer's specific circumstances. 2.For fear of rusting in the long time ocean shipping, the steel pipes are all sprayed anticorrosive paint before exporting.

Executive Standard: SY/T5037-2000;GB/T9711;API-5L,ASTM A 53

Material: Q235,Q345,X42-65,L175-L555

Technical Parameters of Double Submerged Arc Spiral Steel Pipe:
specifications Wall thickness specifications Wall thickness
8" 6--12mm 46" 6-30mm
10" 6-12mm 48" 6-30mm
12" 6-16mm 50" 6-30mm
14" 6-20mm 52" 6-30mm
16" 6-20mm 54" 6-30mm
18" 6-20mm 56" 6-30mm
20" 6-20mm 58" 6-30mm
22" 6-20mm 60" 6-30mm
24" 6-20mm 62" 6-30mm
26" 6-20mm 64" 6-30mm
28" 6-20mm 66" 6-30mm
30" 6-30mm 68" 6-30mm
32" 6-30mm 70" 6-30mm
34" 6-30mm 72" 6-30mm
36" 6-30mm 74" 6-30mm
38" 6-30mm 76" 6-30mm
40" 6-30mm 78" 6-30mm
42" 6-30mm 80" 6-30mm
44" 6-30mm 82" 6-30mm
O.D O.D: 219--2220mm
W.T W.T: 6--18mm
Standard SY/T5037-2000 GB9711.1 GB9711.2 API5L
Material Q235B/Q345B/L245/L290/L360/L415/L485/20#      
API 5L.B/X42/X46/X52/X56/X60/X65/X70/X100etc
Standard ASTM A252 ,API 5L ,GB/T 9711,DIN10208
Ends Beveled, flange, Plain, beveled/straight cut, plastic or mental ends protectors
Surface Bared, or Black painting, 3PE, FBE
Technical SAW, ERW, SSAW
Payment L/C, T/T, ETC
Delivery 10--30 days after receiving the deposit or the LC
MOQ 10Tons
Package 1.In bulk
2. Packed by steel strip into bundle
3. According to client
Inspection With hydraulic testing, eddy current, infrared test
Place of export Europe, North America, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and other countries
Coating black painting, vanish, 1PE/3PE/FBE

Packing and Shipping:
All the straight seam steel is wrapped. The inland transportation mode is motor, while the overseas is sea transportation with containers. 

Established in 1998, Cangzhou Leadingfly Steel Pipe Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and supplier of SSAW steel pipe (double submerged arc spiral steel pipe) in China. Apart from SSAW steel pipe (double submerged arc spiral steel pipe), we also provide clients throughout the world with welded steel pipe, oval steel pipe, galvanized steel pipe, anti-corrosion steel pipe, bending pipe, fluid transportation steel pipe etc. Our SSAW steel pipe (double submerged arc spiral steel pipe) have obtained the certification of American petroleum institute and the international security organization. With high quality and competitive pricing, our SSAW steel pipe (double submerged arc spiral steel pipe) have been well received by customers from Europe, America, Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, and many other countries and regions. If you're interested in our SSAW steel pipe (double submerged arc spiral steel pipe), please contact us freely.
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