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ERW Straight Seam Steel Pipe

ERW Straight Seam Steel Pipe

The ERW steel pipe is short for electric resistance welded pipe. The project adopts the one time row roller forming technology of German. In order to guarantee the high quality, we use the digital regulation of electrical equipments provided by German Siemens and England MENT to control the manufacture. According to the standard of the contract, we provide steel pipes with high reliability and stability by using comprehensive tests, such as hydrostatic test, on line ultrasonic test, eddy current test, and physical and chemical test.
The ERW straight seam steel pipe (electric resistance welded pipe ) is widely used in petroleum, natural gas, steam, and the running pipeline of low-pressure flammable fluid. With a widen usage in petrochemical engineering, building of steel structure, electric power, boiler, supply of heat, coal mine, war industry, etc., the products are sold through the whole country from north to east, and also exported to America, Singapore, Bengal, German, Korea, etc.

Main Components of ERW Steel Pipe:
ERW steel tube uses the hot rolled coils as its raw material.

Feature of ERW Steel Pipe:
With a standard manufacture process, the products can be used in any standard range. Compared with the common welded pipe technology, ERW steel pipe is welded through the alternating-current resistance, and the welded joint is melted from the ontology mental base which makes the mechanical strength is much better than the general one.

1.It is applied in accordance with the customer's specific circumstances.
2.For fear of rusting in the long time ocean shipping, the steel pipes are all sprayed anticorrosive paint before exporting.

Executive Standard:
BS1387 ,BS 4568 ,BS EN39 ,BS 31 ,BS 3601 ,BS EN10217 ,JIS G3452-2004 
JIS G3445-2006 ,JIS G3444-2006,JIS G3460-2006 ,JIS G3457-2005 ,JIS C8305-1999 
ASMT A53 ,ASTM A135 ,ASTM A500,GB/T 3091-2008, API 5L,GB/T9711,GB/T 13793

Material: Q235,Q345,J55, X42-65 etc.

Technical Parameters of ERW Steel Pipe:

Specifications Thickness Specifications Thickness
1/2" 0.6--3.0 SCH20-SCH80 6" 1.5-8.0  SCH20-SCH160
3/4" 0.6-3.0 SCH20-SCH80 8" 1.5-12.0  SCH20-SCH160
1" 0.6-4.0   SCH20-SCH80 10" 2.0-14.0 SCH20-SCH160 
1-1/2" 0.6-4.0   SCH20-SCH80 12" 2.0-14.0  SCH20-SCH160
2" 1.0--5.0    SCH20-SCH80 14" 4.0-14.0  SCH20-SCH160
2-1/2" 1.0-5.0   SCH20-SCH160 16" 5.0-14.0 SCH20-SCH160
3" 1.0-6.0    SCH20-SCH160 18" 5.0-14.0  SCH20-SCH160
4" 1.0--7.0  SCH20-SCH160 20" 5.0-14.0  SCH20-SCH160
5" 1.5--7.0   SCH20-SCH160 24" 5.0-16.0  SCH20-SCH160
O.D 219--406mm
W.T 6--14mm
Standard GB3091-2001 GB9711.1 GB9711.2 API5L API 5CT
Material Q235B/Q345B/L245/L290/L360/L415/L485/20# API 5L.B/X42/X52/X60/X70 etc

The executive standards: GB/T3091-2008 ASTM, A53, A500
Steel grade: Q195, Q 235, Q345B

Specifications of ERW Steel Pipe:
  17-76 76-323 323-457 457-610 610-1200 1200-2500
8.0+12.0   ★◆ ★◆● ◆●
12.0+14.0     ★◆ ★◆● ◆●
14.0+18.0       ◆●
18.0+25.0       ◆●

1.★ ERW steel pipe ◆LSAW steel pipe ●double submerged arc butt welding steel pipe
2. The executive standards: GB/T3091-2008, GB/T13793-2008, GB/T9711,1-1997, API 5L, API 5L, API 5CT
3. The steel grade: 1Q195, Q215, Q235, 20#, 16Mn (Q3458), A53, ST37, ST52


Type Code Standard name
Domestic GB/T3091 Welded steel pipe for low pressure liquid delivery
GB/T13793 Steel tubes with a longitudinal weld
GB/T14291 Welded steel pipe for liquid service
GB/T6728 Cold formed steel sections
CJ/T120 Coating plastic steel pipe for water supply
GB/T9711 Petroleum and natural gas industries steel pipe for pipelines
SY/T6194 Casing(Group1)
International standards ISO3183 Petroleum and natural gas industries
IEC423 Conduits for electrical purposes
ASTM ASTMA53 Pipe, steel, black and Hot-Dipped Zinc-Coated welded
ASTMA135 Standard specification for electric-resistance-welded steel pipe
ASTMA500 Cold-formed welded carbon steel structural tubing in round and stapes
ASTM F1083 Standard specification for pipe, steel, hot-dipped Zinc-coated welded for fence structures
ASTMA702 Standard specification for steel fence posts and assemblies ,hot wrought
ASTMA589 ASTMA252 Standard specification for welded carbon steel Water-well pipe Welded steel pipe piles
BS BS1387 Steel Tubes and Tubular Suitable for Screwing to BS 21 Pipe Treads
BS4568 Specification for conduits for electrical installations
BS3601 Carbon steel pipes and tubes with specified room Temperature properties for pressure purposes
BS EN39 Loos steel tubes for tube and coupler scaffolds-Technical Delivery  conditions
DIN DIN1626 Welded Circular Tubes of Non Alloy Steels with Special Quality Requirements
DIN2440 Steel Tube Medium Suitable for Screwing
JIS JIS G3444 Carbon steel tubes for general structural purposes
JIS G3452 Carbon steel pipes for ordinary piping
JIS G3454 Carbon steel pipes for pressure service
API API 5l API 5CT Line Pipe(Plain end PSL1/PSL2) Casing(Group1)
EN EN10219 Cold formed welded structural Hollow sections of non-alloy and fine grain steels
EN10217 Welded steel tubes for pressure purposes-Technical Delivery conditions

Packing and Shipping:
All the straight seam steel is wrapped while others are packaged according to the customer's requirements. The inland transportation mode is motor, while the overseas is sea transportation with containers.  

Cangzhou Leadingfly Steel Pipe Co., Ltd still supply customers with LSAW steel pipe, SSAW steel pipe, square steel pipe, custom steel pipe, anti-corrosion steel pipe, pipe fittings, etc. Featuring high quality and reliable performance, our ERW steel pipes have been quite popular among customers from Europe, America, Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, and so on. If you need ERW straight seam steel pipe, please contact us freely.

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