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Hot Rolled Seamless Steel Pipe

Hot Rolled Seamless Steel Pipe

The hot rolled seamless steel pipe is produced on the automatic plug mill.
By examining and eliminating the surface defect, the solid pipe billet is cut into the required length. Before punching a hole, the center of the punching side should be marked and the billet should be heated on the heating furnace. Under the function of mill roll, a cavity is formed in the billet called semi-manufactured steel pipe. After that, it is rolled in the automatic plug mill. Finally, the wall thickness will be adjusted by the reeler and the size will be modified by the sizing mill before it reaches a demand.

Main Component of Hot Rolled Seamless Tube:
Raw material: billet.

Technical Parameters of Hot Rolled Seamless Tube:

Specification Wall thickness Specification Wall thickness
3 SCH20-SCH160 20 SCH20-SCH160
4 SCH20-SCH160 22 SCH20-SCH160
5 SCH20-SCH160 24 SCH20-SCH160
6 SCH20-SCH160 26 SCH20-SCH160
8 SCH20-SCH160 28 SCH20-SCH160
10 SCH20-SCH160 30 SCH20-SCH160
12 SCH20-SCH160 32 SCH20-SCH160
14 SCH20-SCH160 34 SCH20-SCH160
16 SCH20-SCH160 36 SCH20-SCH160
18 SCH20-SCH160    

Production standard: GB/T8162-2008, GB/T8163-2008, GB/T5310-2008, GB/T3087-2008 ASTM, A53, A500, A106  
Steel grade: 20#, Q345B 45#, GR.B

The hot rolled seamless steel pipe is applied in accordance with the specific circumstance of each customer. For fear of rusting in the long time ocean shipping, the exporting pipe is required to paint the antirust paint, normally, the paint is black.

Packing and Shipping for Hot Rolled Seamless Steel Pipe:
The small pipe size steel is packed in bundle while others are packaged according to the customer's requirements. The inland transportation mode is motor, while the overseas is sea transportation with containers.

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