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  • Galvanized Welded Steel PipeThe galvanized welded steel pipe the can be divided into hot galvanizing pipe and electro galvanizing pipe. With the advantage of average coating, high adhesive force, and long service life, the hot galvanizing pipe has a thick zinc coating. The electro galvanizing is cheap. But it doesn't have a smooth surface, and its corrosion resistance is not good as the hot galvanizing pipe in itself ...
  • Galvanized Square and Rectangle Steel Pipe

    The galvanized square and rectangle steel pipe has stronger protection and higher resistance to corrosion. With a protective screen on the steel pipe, it prevents the penetrating of corrosion factors effectively.  
    Mainly used in curtain wall, construction, machine facture, iron-steel construction project, ship building, steel support of ...

Galvanized Steel Pipe

We should remove iron oxide on its surface first. After acid cleaning, cleaning the steel pipe by putting it into the ammonium chloride or the soldering acid or the zinc chloride water groove. Finally, put it in the hot dip plating groove.
The galvanized steel pipe possesses advantages of average coating, high adhesive force, and long service life. The matrix and molten plating solution have a complicated physical and chemical reaction; as a result, the structure closely zinc-iron alloy layer is formed which has a strong corrosion resistance.
Its main products include hot galvanized steel pipe and cold galvanized steel pipe. And it can be used to transport water, coal gas, and so on.

Technical Parameters:

Specification Diameter
Wall Thickness mm Minimum Wall Thickness mm Welded Pipe
(length 6m)
Galvanized Pipe
(length 6m)
OD Inch Kg/m Kg/pcs Kg/m Kg/pcs
DN15 1/2 21.3 2.8 2.45 1.28 7.68 1.357 8.14
DN20 3/4 26.9 2.8 2.45 1.66 9.96 1.76 10.56
DN25 1 33.7 3.2 2.8 2.41 14.46 2.554 15.32
DN32 1.25 42.4 3.5 3.06 3.36 20.16 3.56 21.36
DN40 1.5 48.3 3.5 3.06 3.87 23.22 4.10 24.60
DN50 2 60.3 3.8 3.325 5.29 31.74 5.607 33.64
DN65 2.5 76.1 4.0 3.5 7.11 42.66 7.536 45.21
DN80 3 88.9 4.0   8.38 50.28 8.88 53.28
DN100 4 114.3 4.0   10.88 65.28 11.53 69.18
DN125 5 140 4.5   15.04 90.24 15.942 98.65
DN150 6 168.3 4.5   18.18 109.08 19.27 115.62
DN200 8 219.1 6.0(welded
  31.53 189.18    
DN200 8 219.1 6.5(hot galvanized)       36.12 216.72

Production cycle and delivery time:
According to the contract purchasing quantity, we provide a satisfying delivery cycle. On the premise of quality assurance, we offer our customers the most satisfying products with the lowest price.

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